Il Valentino Bakery and Café

@ Grand Canal Harbour, Dublin 2

@ Sutton Cross, Sutton

"These Italian breads are canvasses that frame the ingredients you put on them, whether that is dressing of olive oil or a slather of butter. They are a powerfully healthy halo made from flour, water, salt & fresh yeast, the simple staples of all breads, enobled by talented Italian bakers. Like all best breads, Doorly's creations inspire not just admiration for the skilful execution, they also inspire respect for the very business of bread-making itself"

John McKenna, Irish Times

Owen Doorly - Owner "We just couldn't do without it. After living in Italy and returning to Ireland I missed the local Italian bakeries that baked fresh crusty breads daily, where every loaf is hand-made from start to finish. Il Valentino is a family business. We want to bring real bread back at the centre of your table."

Owen Doorly
  • All breads, cakes & pastries are baked on-site
  • We use no preservatives, enzymes or additives
  • Open 7 days a week
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