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Our Breads

Artisan Breads are made of four, simple natural ingredients, in our case: high quality flours, integral sea salt, fresh yeast, purified water. No "enhancers", preservatives and enzymes are added. You can order on line full batch to store then in your freezer.

We are the sole importers into Ireland of Alpe Pragas jams range, 75% fruits, a true experience for the palate, and Thun honeys, from the heartland of Dolomites, above 1000 mt altitude, where biodiversity and purity rule, and mankind assists. From this paradise on earth, outstanding examples of care, passion for quality, connection with the land.

  • Italian country
    Italian Country

    A white, very light bread, one of our best sellers, a favourite with kids. The guts is airy and fluffy. Suggested use: for bruschetta and to company savoury spreads and cured meat like hams and salami.

    Ingredients: White Flour, Water, Salt, Fresh yeast.

  • Mieli thun
  • Baguette

    There is nothing more French than this baguette. Long, light and airy, it has a crunchy crust. This is achieved with a steam jet imparted in the oven while baking. The white baguette is ideal for a crunchy and light lunch sandwich.

    Ingredients: White Flour, Water, Salt, Fresh yeast.

  • Stoneground

    The flour is milled with a stone wheel. Because of the porosity of the stone and its slow speed, the wheat germ is retained inside, preserving more vitamins.

    Preferred by many bakers and natural food advocates because of its texture and nutty flavour.

    Ingredients: Stoneground Flour, Water, Sea Salt, Fresh Yeast.

  • Bread and honey
  • Country Maltgrain

    A French Multicereals bread, with Wholemeal flour, linenseeds, Sunflowers seeds, Sesame seeds. Nutritious and rich in fibers.

  • All our breads and cakes are made with calcium propionate free flours.
    no enzymes, preservatives, cheap vegetable oils,  additivies.

    We use only extra virgin olive oil from italy

  • Rye, walnut and raisin stoneground loaf
    Rye, Walnut &
    Raisin Stoneground Loaf

    This is a very rewarding bread experience, nearly a meal in itself. Low in gluten and high in fibre.

    Ingredients: Stoneground Flour, Walnuts, Raisins, Water, Fresh Yeast, Guerande Sea Salt

  • Bread and fresh fruit
    • Pain brioche
      Pain Brioche

      A Sunday feast, this recipe from Britanny accompanies in glory both sweet and savoury dressings.

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      I l Valentino is exclusive importer in Ireland for Alpe Pragas Jams, 75% fruits and Mieli Thun. Visit our shop to select your favourites.